Our Quality Policy

Our top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction with our customized products that meet the needs of modern architecture, by closely following up all developments in the sector thanks to our experience in the Building and Floor sector.  

Our production and research operations are based upon productivity principle and our team, which grows with the awareness of acting together at all times, operates in accordance with the applicable laws and standards.  

Every member in our team fulfills his duties with the awareness of his responsibilities towards the environment and society and adopts the way of communication based upon mutual respect and transparency principle.

Our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

To make the world a livable place  

We use all energy and natural resources efficiently from the design of our products to the end of their lifecycle, with our team that operates in full compliance with international environmental protection guidelines. We minimize our wastes, recycle them as much as possible and try to destroy non-recyclable wastes without any damage to the environment.  

In order to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our team, we take all necessary measures against potential dangers and risks that might result in possible accidents. We take continuous improvement actions at our center to prevent health impairments, work accidents and professional diseases. We act together with our stakeholders in the fields of environment, health and safety and develop and implement integrated management systems.