Working Life 

Our working standards are 45 hours per week. The times to start and finish working on a daily basis may vary depending upon the locations of enterprises and the working conditions of departments.

Rights of Leave

We implement the provisions in the Labor Law in relation with the rights of leave.  

Selection and Placement

We assess the applications received during the recruitment process without making any discrimination of race, religion, color, class, belief, gender and sexual preferences in accordance with the right person for the right job policy.  

In the assessment process, our basic criteria are compatibility with the corporate culture and professional competencies for all our candidates.  

Although our acceptance priorities might vary by positions, good technical knowledge, good computer literacy and good command of English are among our acceptance priorities.  

We start the reference and offer process for the candidates who are deemed eligible for the position, and e-mail notifications are sent to the other candidates.  

Wage Management and Benefits

We determine our wage policy in accordance with the job requirements and the contributions of the employee to the achievement of corporate targets.  

We increase wages, which are calculated over 12 net wages, for once in April every year based on our commercial performance, inflation ratios, market wage data and performance of our employees.  

In addition to net wage, we provide travel expenses and meal services. We also provide vehicle, laptop and mobile phone for certain positions.  

Training and Development

We provide our employees with various learning, training and development opportunities based on their goals and professional and personal development needs.  

We organize our Training Programs under three titles as Orientation Trainings, Internal Trainings and External Trainings. Our trainings are organized in Quality, Language, Computer, Personal Development, Professional and Technical fields according to the needs and demands.  

Internship Opportunities

For those individuals wishing to do their internship at our Company, we aim to ensure professional and personal development in their first steps in our sector. Accordingly, students who complete their internship program may continue to work as contracted personnel at our company.  

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